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About Me

The Summers Family

 This is one of my favorite family photos. We've been blessed to have 3 more beautiful children since taking this picture. Today we have 8 children (5 daughters and 3 sons). 

My name is Aminah Ibrahim. I kept my father's last name is accordance with Islamic practice. Then I tacked on "Summers" my husband's last name being creative on social media...I kinda got stuck with it as now people use this name to find me online *facepalm* lol! 

I like to call myself a momprenuer. First I'm a Muslim women, mother, and wife...then I'm a certified health coach, certified personal trainer, behavior change specialist, and online instructor. I work 100% from home with my laptop. 

Staying healthy and helping other moms do the same is the passion that fuels my heart! I'm currently working as a lifestyle coach and digital entrepreneur who helps moms balance healthy living, motherhood, and self-care.  I've finally written my first healthy living book and I'm currently working on publications. 

 It's a step- by step guide for moms wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle without dieting. In this book I share my tips and tricks for managing a healthy weight and staying in shape as a mom of 8 children!

We have a family YouTube channel Summers in Africa there I share our Gambia experiences and our families transition from the United States of America to Africa.

Top priorities in my life are becoming a better Muslim woman, excelling in motherhood, and finding my ultimate purpose here in Africa. I know God brought me here to make a difference and teach the world about how beautiful and simple life can be living in The Gambia.

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